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Zhu Zhu Hamsters Pax

Zhu Zhu Hamsters PaxThe Zhu Zhu hamsters reckon Pax is a real rocker, with his massive Mohican and love of telling sensational stories about his crazy life!

Best buddies with Kingston and every bit as dedicated to the punk rock way of life; Pax has an air of mystery that fascinates the other Zhu Zhu Hamsters. It’s probably due to the fact that poor old Pax was something of a loner before meeting his other long-haired friends.

Now the furry rocker foursome are never apart and share a disdain for the mainstream way of life. Zhu Zhu Hamsters Pax is cool and unconventional. He even travelled to London with Kingston to experience the punk scene firsthand!

Pax is one of the most magnificent Zhu Zhu hamsters in the range. His long and incredibly fluffy brown and white fur has been styled into a spiky Mohican you really can’t miss. In true rock star style, he even has a skull and crossbones birthmark on his back. Pax doesn’t just love the punk lifestyle, he lives it.

Suitable for children aged 4 and up, Zhu Zhu Hamsters Pax requires 2 x AAA batteries (included) and is available at around £9.99.

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