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Zhu Zhu Hamsters Dezel

Zhu Zhu Hamsters DezelA new batch of Zhu Zhu Hamsters has been released and we’ve got the info on them! There are 4 fresh furballs to collect and Dezel is just one of the pack. Artificially intelligent, this motorised and misunderstood hamster is totally bike mad. Dezel is a great gift for any boy or girl who’s crazy about the Zhu Zhu Pets.

Every Zhu Zhu Pet has his or her own unique personality and Dezel is no exception. This little guy is a very mysterious fella and a man of few words, which means he’s a bit of a loner in the hamster world. The others think he’s rude but we know the truth! Dezel is simply completely committed to his one grand passion in life - motorbikes. Our hamster road hog is interested in one thing and one thing only; spending as much time as possible in his garage tinkering with his beloved bikes. This Zhu Zhu Hamster is a rebel with a cause.

When Dezel gets his motor running and heads out on the highway he never forgets his helmet. You’ll be able to see him coming, thanks to his black fur that shimmers silver under the light. He’s also got a distinctive birthmark. Look on his back and you’ll see a unique lace pattern nestling in his fur. What does it mean? Only Dezel knows the secret. We told you he was a hamster of mystery!
Other new hamsters to hit the Zhuniverse include: Captain, Bamboo and Shamrock.

Zhu Zhu Hamsters Dezel In Stock?

Suitable for children 4 aged and up, Zhu Zhu Hamsters Dezel requires 2 x AAA batteries (included) and is available at around £9.99. You can check stock and compare prices for Zhu Zhu Pets Dezel at the top of this page.